Maybe it’s just my personality, but I’m always looking for an edge.

When it comes to my kids, this is even more true.

In wrestling, there are a few things that most people know will help an athlete get better.

The right gear, good coaching, and an adequate training facility are things that most people think of. The beauty of wrestling is that there isn’t a ton of expensive equipment that is needed to get going in the sport.

I come from a blue collar background and consider wrestling to be a blue collar sport.

There is one “secret weapon” however that I’m guessing most people don’t initially consider.

One that can open up a new world to your wrestler.

Simply put, one that will help your wrestler win more matches.

I recently purchased a FlowPro annual membership. I figured, my love for the sport of wrestling isn’t changing anytime soon – so let’s do it for a year and see how much I use it.

Initially, I purchased the membership more for entertainment. I soon realized that my wrestler could also benefit from this membership.

Here are the 5 ways FlowWrestling.Org can help your wrestler as well:

  •  Technique – This one is obvious. Remember, the stages of learning wrestling technique. (If not, see my previous blog post here.) Your wrestler can work through the first stage of learning (the cognitive stage) by watching literally the best in the world demonstrating technique. These are the best – often showing their best. My suggestion is to pick 1-2 wrestling techniques every few months and take them into the room and go to work.
  • Community – I’ve stated this already – wrestling is a tough sport. Being around other wrestlers, supportive parents, and fans of the sport only helps. As for increased motivation, it’s been shown that having a strong social network will motivate them more. (See my previous article here on how to increase motivation.)  I think every wrestler should understand how many fans and how much support there is out there for the sport of wrestling.
  • Mindset – This is one reason you absolutely need Flow. I’ve come to realize that the mindset of a champion is very different from your recreational wrestler. And Flow goes deep – sometimes asking questions that penetrate to the heart of what drives these wrestlers. The documentaries are absolutely perfect for learning how to think like a champion.
  • Mentors – Any wrestler who succeeds is going to need a mentor. A good coach is essential – but the fact is that all wrestlers have a way that they were trained. In an awesome training video (here) Mark Perry contrasted the “Okie State” style to the Iowa Style. FlowWrestling allows you access to coaches in California when you live in New York. This is awesome.
  • Scouting/video – Not long ago … there was no FlowWrestling. It was nearly impossible to see what the best wrestlers in the country were doing. Not any more. With the click of a button, you can see what the #1 guy in your wrestlers weight class is doing and be informed. Obviously, it takes a TON of work to be at the top … but it starts with awareness. I think every wrestler should be aspire to beat that #1 guy. This makes it possible.

So there you have it. If your serious about wrestling – and want to give your wrestler an (almost) unfair advantage – purchase an annual membership with FlowWrestling.Org.

I’d love to hear any other ways you (or your son) uses Flow.

Good Luck!